Valdarno, established in 1949, is located in the Varese area of Northern Italy and extends on a 25000 mq ground, 5000 of which are occupied by factory and offices.

Operating from spacious, modern premises, Valdarno has established a high reputation in the international metallurgical, engineering and metal forming industries.

From a constructor of simple shears for the construction industry, the operation has evolved to include hot & cold billet shears, presses for pre-forming, trimming & sizing, as well as integrated production lines, for a wide range of products such as leaf & coil springs, bolts, engine valves, high pressure pipe fittings & a variety of forged parts.

The collaboration between Valdarno's team of skilled engineers & leading Italian Universities, facilitates the constant upgrading of products to incorporate latest developments in control system & materials.

This combination of tradition & technological innovation has resulted in Valdarno equipment being selected by leading metal forming companies world-wide.

Valadrno ensures a constant service for studying special solutions in cooperation of the customers' engineers, in observance of the latest E.C regulations.